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A quick guide to the 5 of the scariest fish in the world.

When it comes to real life horror, there are few animals which have got the image down as well as fish. True, there are many beautiful and graceful kinds of fish, but these ones go above and beyond when it comes to that perfect scary look.

Angler fish

Perhaps the most famous example on this list, the Angler Fish is known for its distinctive bioluminescent 'rod' dangling from its head which it uses to lure fish in it's deep sea home into its mouth. It's mouth is full of proportionately long teeth, ready to chomp down on anything unlucky enough to be tempted by it's dangling light. For some species of angler fish, the life of a male is dismal and pretty brief. Their life cycle depends on them becoming parasitic onto a larger female fish in order to survive and fertilise the next generation of eggs.

Goblin Shark

Another deep sea horror is the Goblin Shark. As rare as it is scary, the Goblin Shark is the final known remnant of a 125 million year old dynasty. The most notable characteristics about the Goblin Shark are it's size, 10-13ft in length, it's paddle-like snout, and it's long protruding jaws with nail like teeth. This jaw is able to extend outwards in order to grab a prey entirely, which is a rather scary spectacle to see.


If fish have horror stories, then a lamprey is probably the main antagonist in the fishy Bram Stokers Dracula. Except of course, the lamprey is much more terrifying than a mere vampire. As one of the jawless fish, the carnivorous species of lamprey have developed a rather grotesque way to get to their favourite bloody treat. They are known to bore into the flesh of their victim by clamping on with their small spiky teeth. The lamprey then stays attached until its had its fill, leaving a gruesome hickey where it once was.

Pelican Eel

Back to the deep oceans for this next terrifying contender. The Pelican Eel is rarely seen by human eyes, but would be difficult to forget if you did see one. It's most notable trait is it's huge jaw, much larger than the body of the fish itself, and giving the fish its name, since its large like a pelicans.


It may not look the most horrific, but the candiru has a reputation that will make your eyes water. Many say that there have been many cases of candiru ,in their native South American habits, swimming up the urethra of humans , causing horrific pain for the unlucky individual. Whilst these instances are controversial, the notoriety that it enjoys as a result is enough to earn it a place on the list. The fish itself is small, tubular, and devoid of any particularly notable features, like MIchael Myer's mask really.

Of course, horror is much more intent than it is appearance , and it's worth remembering that each animal on this list is the result of million of years of evolution, and survival is their main aim. They're not out to hack and slash ike the killers on our screens, but just to keep themselves safe and produce the next generation of scary looking fish.

Did I miss out any scary looking fish? Let me know!