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British Pub Ghosts

British pub ghosts

Wander around the British countryside and you'll encounter as many small, rural pubs - although the amount is sadly decreasing through industry pressures which are far beyond the scope of both this blog and indeed myself. As an enjoyer of alcoholic beverages, I've sampled the rural charms of many pubs throughout the UK and one thing is true in almost all of them; they're haunted.

A smashing glass, a chair moving on it's own, whatever the manifestation, ghosts seem to have a certain affinity for the British pub. So, why do these spirits choose an afterlife behind the bar, and could there be a less paranormal. solution to the question?


If there's one thing that spirits love, it's energy. Apparently atleast. They can't get enough of the stuff. Rather than hanging around power stations or somewhere else with a lot of electrical power, the pub provides the right kind of energy for spirits to conduct their mischievous agenda. The drunken, staggering, vomiting, cackling, masses in the British pub are a ghost's favourite energy source.

Pubs being places that have continually seen this sort of high-intensity energy, some would say that the energy has transferred into the very fabric of the building itself, allowing the ghosts of the past to manifest or appear residually. Depending on which belief you subscribe to, the energy that exists in pubs in the present day fuels the spirits to allow them to appear in Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, or whatever name your local pub happens to have.

If a ghost moans in a bar...

You could argue that spirits are so common in the British pub because there are simply a lot of people around to see them. I don't have figures available, but anyone who's popped down the pub on a Friday night knows that they're busy. It makes sense that if more people are around to see something, sightings will be more common.

It's down to the spirits

I don't know how you feel after drinking enough to render an adult horse unconscious, but from my experience, the world can look a little… different. The ever spinning carousel ride preparing you for the nightmarish hangover tomorrow could be the real answer for a lot of our ghostly pub stories. So, if you've been chugging down one type of spirit, it may just make you think you've seen the other.

Ghost tales

My final, perhaps more cynical point is the spirits are quite good for business. Perhaps the reason that so many pubs are haunted is that people, whether believers or sceptics are naturally interested in ghosts - be it to prove it wrong, prove it right or to 'have an experience'. The ghost story is almost as intrinsic to the sharing of ghost stories as it is the host to them. Huddling around a round table, beers in hand, gossip is the topic, no matter how fantastical.

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