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Dead by Daylight goes mobile, a good idea if you play it at the right time

Well, this I didn’t see coming. I’ve always admired Dead by Daylight. It wanted to create something genuinely different, and succeeded spectacularly. Much beloved of Twitch streamers and Youtubers alike, the game is so varied because of it’s online ‘asymmetrical ‘ 4vs1 style and the horror that can be created in a single game. And now we can expect to be playing Dead by Daylight on our mobiles. So, fire up the old Nokia 3410 and get ready to take the Wraith out for a spin. Well, maybe something a little more modern.

For those who don’t know, Dead by Daylight sees a group of 4 survivors attempt to, well, survive, whilst one player is a killer who hunts them down. The game has some really big names in it, including Ghostface, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. Releasing in 2016 for PC and 2017 for Xbox One and PS4, the game boasts over 12 million players, and has proven to be a huge success. Now that we’re going to be entirely portable, I’ve thought of the three most inappropriate places to play the new Dead by Daylight on Mobile when it releases later in 2019:

Number 1: A funeral

You can’t spell funeral without ‘fun’, right? But perhaps we’ll just have to delay the DBD fun just a little as we lay Great Aunt Mildred, who always smelled a little bit of wee and only had soggy cookies in her slightly mouldy cookie jar, to rest. If you do decide to whip out your phone during the service though, make sure to play it on mute - we can’t run the risk of thinking the shrieking and moaning is coming from Mildred’s thick, walnut coffin and set off a mass hysterical fit as we assume that the Zombie apocalypse has started.

Number 2: On your shift at the Kindergarten

Yes, work can be boring. But as a quick PSA, please don’t play DBD during your Kindergarten class’ nap time. Or anytime when they’re around for that matter. If I had to write a list of things that 5 year olds don’t need to see, I think Leatherface going ham on a teenager would be fairly high on that list. So, keep the phone in your pocket for your shift, and let the children have a chance at a normal life, okay?

Number 3: In the back of a cop car

You’ve been arrested. Bummer. Perhaps this wouldn’t be the best time to scream about how you plan on murdering 4 strangers though. Yes, I have to say, playing DBD on your way to the station could prove to harm your defence more than help it. And if you want to keep playing it in prison, you’re going to have to think about how you can smuggle in your Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, and I'm sure that’s going to be messy.

Whilst there is no firm release date yet, but according to the trailer we can expect the game to come out this year at some point on our IOS and Android devices. But, you can be safe in the knowledge that when it releases, you’ll know when it’s socially acceptable to play it, and when you should probably leave it in your pocket!

Is there anywhere that I missed that would be more inappropriate? Let me know on twitter!