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Five Nights at Freddy's Da movie? Here are a few pointers...

Updated: May 11, 2019

The day was drawing to a close one spring day. The chill in the air exacerbated by my ill conceived idea to wear shorts, because damn it, if the sun’s out it should be warm enough for it.

I was idly flicking through things to write about, when the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog fiasco caught my attention. As you probably know, Sonic’s design got some heavy criticism from the first time it was teased, right through until the design was changed.

Surely there were other problems with the film trailer than it’s… unusual looking protagonist. Indeed, video game movies have a long, long history of being terrible. Now, on this blog we don’t deal with the likes of Super Mario bros, or Tomb Raider - we’re into the darker stuff.

There have been many horror game movie adaptations, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but I was surprised to learn of plans being set in place for Five Nights at Freddy’s to hit the big screen. The game, if you’re unaware of it, is a kind of point and click horror, where you take up a job in a pizzeria where the animatronics come to life and want to kill you. You point and click your way to safety each night, until eventually you either slip up or complete the week and tender your - frankly long overdue at this point - resignation.

The purported film is of particular interest in that, according to IMDB , to be directed by Chris Columbus of Harry Potter 1 & 2 and Home Alone fame. The director is mostly known for comedies, or atleast films which are light-hearted. I can imagine that a comedy horror could have worked, but for a series known for having Youtubers screaming, was it really the best idea? It seems that the producers agreed with me, the script for the film aimed at a 2020 release was scrapped.

In sight of this, here’s a few things i’d like to see in the Five Nights at Freddy’s film, if it ever hits our screens:

Light-hearted moments, not overall tone

With, as far as we’re aware, Chris Columbus still on board with the project, it’s possible that the film could become much more comedy than horror, and I think that would be a big mistake. I mean, if it’s a horror film it may not be a huge critical success, but horror films - if released at an appropriate time of year - could be reasonably commercially successful. My tip - focus on the horror, minimise but don’t exclude the comedy.

Drill into the core of the horror, and see what makes it tick

What is it that made the Five Nights at Freddy’s a reasonably interesting game in the first place? It’s the claustrophobia, the fixed position, and the limited actions that increase the horror in the game. To remove that entirely is to detract from the source material detrimentally. Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is probably not something that’s not likely in a film outside of experimental art cinema, but there is still the possibility that scenes could incorporate this in order to pay a rightful homage to the original.

Get it on Netflix ASAP

Whilst I think a quite good iteration of Five Nights at Freddy’s could make a small profit at the box office, I think that it has much more potential further down the windowing process. By making itself readily available, I think that whatever the film manages to achieve at the box office could be pleasantly increased when the audience doesn’t have to overcome the hurdle of spending money in order to see it.

What do you think of a Five Nights at Freddy’s film? Would you watch it? Let me know!