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Ghosts in the Lockdown. Why are ghost reports increasing in the lockdown?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Is there a correlation between the lockdown and the appearance of our ethereal friends from the other side? On my semi-frequent trawl of the internet, I stumbled upon a story about reports of paranormal activity increasing in lockdown. Perhaps the 5G towers have been promoting spooky activity… (disclaimer - joking, please don’t burn down 5G masts).

The CBS local story claims that there has been a significant increase of people experiencing paranormal activity in their households during the lockdown. So, why could this be the case, and will we ever get back to a normal level of spooky in our lives?

Who’s haunting who?

Did you ever just pause for a second to think? No, of course you didn’t. No one ever does. Being a spooky ghost is hard work, and now that we’re all stuck at home all the time, there’s no downtime for Casper to recharge, unwind, and take a little him time. Instead, it’s got to run your home as a 24/7 manifestation station, and that must be tough. Poor little guy.

What I’m of course alluding to is that simply by spending more time at homes, we’re spending significantly more time around the potential spooky goings-on within. Instead of enjoying the 8/9 hours away from the home each day, every disturbance is now laid bare for an extended portion of the day.

Noise pollution?

Of course, these noises don’t have to be paranormal. Those 8/9 hours when a person may normally be outside the house could host a wide plethora of noises which are unfamiliar, but explainable. Perhaps there’s a noise when the boiler clicks on or the neighbour’s furious tap dancing lesson upstairs create an offensive and uneasy barrage to the senses.

We all like to think we know every noise that our homes make - myself included. I live in an old victorian farmers cottage. Its creaks and moans are familiar and comforting to me, but would equally be a source of uneasiness from an outsider. But, whenever I hear something new, it’s a source of significant irritation and unease. If I hadn’t have spent 20 or so years in that house, across all hours of the day, I can imagine that many of these sounds could be disconcerting.

Where the wild things are…

Since the lockdown, weird things have been going on. The animals are reclaiming our towns and villages. From the story of the goats claiming a Welsh town as their own, or peacocks running wild in Kent, the animals are making the most of the quieter streets.

Whilst these emboldened forest critters may be obvious like the examples above, there are likely to be many who can fly under the radar, and sneak into crawl spaces, attics, kitchens, and leave a seemingly supernatural trail of disruption in their wake.

Time to burn?

I’ve donned my cynical hat, pushed it to a jaunty angle, and dared the breeze to knock it off my abnormally large bonce. Perhaps the reason that there has been an increase in ghost reports during the lockdown is simply that people don’t have anything else to do with the large amount of free time which they’ve suddenly found they have. Given that the report didn’t appear to attach a number to the increase in reports, we could be talking about a leap from 2 to a lofty 3 reports. It’s entirely possible that a number of these could be people having fun at the expense of the emergency services, or spiritual services time.

All of these things could have an impact on the increased number of ghost reportings, but there could be other explanations too, but it remains to be seen what will happen as the world emerges to return to a new normal.

Do you have a lockdown ghost story which you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!

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