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Here we go - Saw 9 confirmed

So there we have it. I’ve been musing about it recently (and the timing of this is really irritating since I literally just posted my video about it this morning). There’s going to be a new Saw film! I saw the news on IMDB, and nearly spit out my tea (actually, it was pink lemonade, but British people like myself need to constantly remind everyone that we are so, and that tea is something that we’re associated with).

Darren Bousman is back - good, he was an interesting guy, and made Saw 2 - 4, plus a Static X video which is always good in my book. More unusually though, the film is stated as coming from comedian Chris Rock. I have no issue with that, he’s clearly a creative guy, and if he wants to pour that creativity into thinking about how to get people to cut themselves up so be it. It would seem that Rock pitched this idea to Team Saw, and they liked what they heard.

Perhaps more interesting though is that it implies they didn’t like what they already had. We’ve heard for a while that Saw 9 was underway which I had assumed would be a direct follow on from Jigsaw, which certainly left room for it to do so. So the first question is whether Rock’s film will replace this direct sequel, or will it be seperate?

Obviously there’s not a lot to go on right now, but there was something potentially telling in the quote issued by Joe Drake, Lionsgate chairman. He said:

“When Chris Rock came to us and described in chilling detail his fantastic vision that reimagines and spins-off the world of the notorious Jigsaw Killer, we were all-in,”

“Reimagines” and “spins-off” are the key points here. Is this an entire reimagining of the series from the ground up? Is it a slight deviation? We’ll have to wait and see. I’m not expecting something whacky like Saw in space, anything more down to earth like Saw international: Jigsaw’s gory South American holiday, so I’m finding it quite difficult to imagine how to reimagine the series enough to be noteworthy, outside of shifting the perspective of the film. We’re used to the ‘oh, here’s the victims, and here are the cops rushing in time to get to the people”. What if we only had one of the perspectives and used the cinematic camouflage that isolation can grant - as seen in the first Saw film - to better effect.

One thing to bear in mind is that the writing team from Jigsaw is due to return, so quite how much ‘fresh blood’ Rock will be able to bring remains to be seen. Now to sit down and wait until 2020 to see exactly what happens so I can make a ranty video about Saw 10.