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How horrific is the monster from The Ritual?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Can we talk about the creature from the Ritual for a moment? I wasn't expecting a lot when I first put on The Ritual, one cold winters day. It was just another Netflix horror film. A safe bet, in that kind of streaming service way. But I was wrong. The Ritual is one of the most interesting horror movies i've watched. This isn't going to be a review, although I plan to release one in due course. Instead I want to look purely at the monster in The Ritual. Because of that, i'll have to add a minor spoiler warning, but with that out of the way, let's begin!

Who is he?

He's a god. At least that's what his followers call him. He's actually most likely called Moder, and is, according to one of his many cultists, the bastard child of Loki. Not the Marvel Loki, the Norse god one. He prowls a forest in Northern Sweden, killing most who enter, but offering eternal life to those who are emotionally damaged. He's a stalker with a god complex, what's not to like?

What's he look like?

The creature is big. Like, really big. He has a plant like texture to his elk-like body. What's more he has a headless human torso instead of a head, with the legs forming antlers, and the arms being useful for grabbing things. Within the torso is buried a pair of yellow eyes. protruding from it's back is a series of skeletal looking spikes. All in all, the creature looks really cool. You may have seen me rant about characters fitting into the world they are created for in my blogs before, and, despite it's somewhat outlandish appearance, I think that the creature from the Ritual does fit in rather well. He's rather fantastical, but he's sort of meant to be. He is a shapeshifting half-god thing after all.

Just how good is he at being bad?

I'd say overall, being the bastard child of a norse god is pretty badass. His appearance only boosts it's credibility. But I have one minor concern; the scope of it's horror. The creature really only stomps around one forest in Sweden, outside of that, he's not really bothered. I can respect that, but when you have non-geographically bound killers out there, it does put you at a slight disadvantage. The fact that he lets some of his potential victims live, granting them eternal life - though not eternal youth, is potentially a weakness, I mean, Jason Voorhees would be out hacking and slashing anyone who approached, rather than building a cult to stoke his ego.

What do you think about the monster in the Ritual? Let me know!