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Making my Slasher in Fallout 4

So I was a bit bored the other day. I’d exhausted my daily tasks, tired of re-watching the Mighty Boosh on Netflix, and I wasn’t about to go outside. I mean, the sun was out, and i’m definitely a creature of the night. Not the prostitute kind.

I had recently, though, installed Far Harbor, a piece of DLC for Fallout 4, and since I compulsively start a new game each time I so much as touch a Bethesda game - and you’ve got to really haven’t you, because you can always try and play it differently until you suddenly realise that you have exactly to same character as last time.

This time though, I set about forcing myself to do something different, and given the content of my blog, it was a natural step to begin trying to horrify Fallout 4!

Let me lay out my pre-mod groundwork before I get into all the juicy additions I added. Firstly, I created my character. He was a fairly cool dude, but he wasn’t horror enough, and if your aim is to scare Garvey’s quadrillion settlements that constantly need your help out of their skins, then it simply wouldn’t do. I definitely needed some mods for this.

What I could decide at this point is what type of character I wanted to make, and there was really only one choice; a Slasher. The genre dictates certain things that I would need to have. Firstly, melee weapons were a must, and as a result so was beefing up that strength stat as much as possible; I want my slasher to be more beefcake than sweaty ham. Endurance is another important skill, just because it has certain health related perks later on, and if there’s one thing I know about slashers, it’s that they don’t go down easily.

My next essential criteria was a mask. What’s a slasher without their mask huh? A nobody, that’s who. I decided to use one of the funky raider masks that exist in the game as my go to disguise. They’re pretty cool, but I particularly like the sack hood with straps, it looks kind of industrial as well as having that high-quality burlap look that other masked villains outside of the Scarecrow can only dream of.

Naturally for clothing, I needed something intimidating. After flicking through, I eventually decided on a tattered trench coat, mostly inspired by the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers, which i’ve been watching recently.

With all that in place, I hit Nexus Mods to find some add ons to make the experience much more horrifying. If you don’t know what Nexus Mods is, it’s a fantastic place where mods for a wide variety of games are hosted, which you can download and install through the Vortex service that it provides. If you want to customise your Bethesda game particularly, it’s the place to go. Here are the mods I decided to install and why:

Horrorghouls Soundpack

Found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37419

The Horrorghouls Soundpack is really a must have for this playthrough. I always thought that the Feral Ghouls in the game had the potential to be much more scary. I think Fallout 4 has done the best so far at making them at least a little scary, but still not anywhere near enough. I remember playing Fallout 3 and thinking that the pitter patter of the ghoul’s wet feet and their accompanying breaths were actually quite endearing - though that could just be me. This mod very simply changes the sounds that feral ghouls make to make that more scary. Afterall, most of horror is in audio rather than visual.

Ghoulish Player

Found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37073

Speaking of ghouls, remember when I said that my character wasn’t scary enough? Well, I decided to ghoul him up! I feel like we’re at a point with Fallout games where it should probably be a vanilla option to play as a ghoul, or perhaps even a super mutant. Stories like the outsourced New Vegas could easily have accommodated it as an option. But I digress. The mod is really simple, it makes your guy or gal look like a ghoul, rotting flesh and all. I was inspired by this to get the ghoulify perks, which is another reason why endurance is so important as a special stat.

Wasteland horrors reshade

Found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18132

When it comes to making the game look more creepy, there are few mods that do it better than Wasteland Horrors. It’s an eerie preset that makes the darkness much more visceral, and creates the feeling I need when my guy is hacking and slashing his way through the fragmented survivors of the wasteland.

Are there any mods you think i’m missing to help make my guy the ultimate wasteland slasher? Let me know!

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