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Momo: The Movie

I saw in the news today that a film about the ‘Momo challenge’ is being made. A film based on what is probably the largest sensationalist facepalm of our life times.

In case you’re unaware, the Momo challenge was an internet hoax that seeped into every aspect of our lives in 2018. It was difficult to escape hearing about it. It was in the news, and all across social media. The most interesting fact about it though was exactly that it was a hoax. The momo challenge allegedly incited children to do violent or dangerous things, then kill themselves - kind of like the blue whale game. But it was, and always was internet hype and tabloid sensationalism - kind of like the blue whale game.

Nevertheless, it lathered gullible parents into a froth of self-righteous frenzy. A note to those kinds of parents, there are real threats to your children online, and they’re much more subtle than a bad photoshop job and a non-existent challenge. Go protect them from that, rather than perpetuating something which was designed for you to spread like a virus.

So, what can we expect from a Momo challenge film? Here are my quick thoughts:

It’ll be really bad

Make no mistake, Momo: the movie is based on a combination of tabloid sensationalism, which is famous for having no real depth beyond the headline, and an internet creepypasta, which are always better when the stay internet based, and preferably make unsubstantiated references to the dark web, because we all know that that is where all the evil stuff happens.

Despite my heading, I do hope that i’m proven wrong, I always try to be optimistic about a film, so Team Momo, please, please, please prove me wrong and make a good film. Although, I would say, you’re really starting from a bad footing.

It may be like that one episode of Black Mirror. You know, the one that made you put tape over your webcam. Perverts.

The essence of the Momo film would probably either be based on a thin plot, linking together cheap jump scares, or something like the Ring or Shut up and Dance from Black Mirror. For this, we’d follow someone doing their Momo shenanigans for the duration of the time they had, to see if they could shake the itch, or whether they would succumb to the ultimate aim of the challenge.

It could be a really good conduit for an important social message

It’s time for me to put on my film graduate hat. And no, i’m not going to talk about the phallic imagery of Pinocchio, although, I can if you want me to. (I literally sat at 1AM the night in the University Library talking about Pinnocchio’s dick-nose. Never again).

Horror films can be very allegorical. Look at Romero’s early Zombie films for example. They’re broadly accepted to be a commentary on consumerism. The Momo Movie could be a way to address the fake news storm that is still storming across social media sites despite efforts from the sites to combat it. It could be a much more reflexive film than it appears on the surface, and could be used to highlight this issue, and show that, if instances like the Momo challenge do occur, that they are in isolation, rather than en mass as the tabloid media would have you believe.

Forget what I said before, do this Team Momo, and you may have an interesting subtextual film that will plague generations of film students for years to come. Wouldn’t you love to hear how your momo has a dick nose?

So what do you think about Momo the Movie? Are you looking forward to ir, or could you not care less? Let me know!

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