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Scariest Sonic the Hedgehog Bosses

Sonic the Hedgehog is a franchise with - I think it’s fair to say - a rather mixed history. From humble beginnings as a cutesy, colourful 2d side scroller to an angsty teen drama, Sonic sure has had some variations. But throughout it all, the hedgehog has always been standing against the evils in the Sonic universe, no matter what the odds, or how scary the foe. And Sonic definitely has explored using characters who wouldn’t seem out of place in a horror movie, more than just the bumbling Dr.Eggman. From space aliens, to Frankenstein monsters, Sonic and friends are the teens-in-the-woods that flip the paradigm on its head. Here are the Top 4 horror boss fights from Sonic the Hedgehog. For obvious reasons, all of these monsters come from the angsty phase from which Sonic is only just really starting to recover. So lace up your running shoes, turn ‘City Escape’ up to 11, and let’s begin.

King Boom Boo

He may not look like he deserves a place on this list at first glance, but there’s something about King Boom Boo which has stayed with me since I first battled him as a child. You encounter the king in Sonic Adventure 2 whilst playing as Knuckles just after the level Death Chamber. He looks like quite a friendly ghost really, compared with how ghosts are typically presented. He’s large, vastly more so than our little red echidna, with a big mouth, highlighted by blue lips,and a rainbow coloured tongue. He attacks simply by either chomping or throwing blue flames. What’s that I hear you say? He sounds like quite a child friendly boss, right? Well, you see that’s the problem - sounds. Attempt to double back on the round arena on which you battle King Boom Boo to attack him from behind, and you’ll be greeted with one of the most memorable and horrible noises from all of Sonic - aside from perhaps “It’s no use!”. It’s a cry that sounds almost as desperate as it is ferocious, and is one of those sounds which my brain wonders to when thinking about horror. Surely that is enough to earn him a place on this list.

Credit Sonic Team / Sonic Fandom

Perfect Chaos

Before King Boom Boo, there was Sonic Adventure. This is the game that really set Sonic off onto the thematic, visual, and tonal path which would ultimately culminate in Sonic 06. So thanks for that. In all seriousness though, I’ve always found the Sonic Adventure games entertaining. Yes, they’re broken and the storylines aren’t always the best, but I always had fun actually playing them, be it feeding my chao or rolling around at the speed of sound in City Escape, and that is surely the main point of a video game. But Sonic Adventure brought with it a premise of a disaster movie. The final boss, Perfect Chaos, is used by Dr. Eggman in an attempt to end Sonic and his chums meddling once and for all, and take over the world in the process. Chaos goes through a number of form changes throughout the game when you face him with different characters, but only it’s final form has the destructive power of the 7 chaos emeralds to power him up, and bring disaster on everyone. He’s not necessarily a bad guy, but is used as a weapon by Eggman to achieve his own wicked goals. With a body that looks like water, Chaos may seem rather squishy, but he is anything but. It’s perfect form is like a giant sea serpent which lays waste to Station Square, and only Super Sonic can beat it. Forget the changing polarisation of the Earth, or a giant storm with sharks in it, Perfect Chaos is the horrific force which disaster films need.

Credit Sonic Team/ Sonic Fandom

Devil Doom

Raid Area 51 they said. It’ll be fun they said. Well, not if you find this guy when you get there. Devil Doom is the final boss of the spin-off and extra angsty Shadow the Hedgehog, and is the final form of one of the potential side-kicks in the game Black Doom. Dr. Gerald Robotnik, Eggman’s Grandfather, and Shadow’s creator made a deal with Black Doom to help him create the ultimate life form to help his terminally ill daughter Maria. You can see why this is Sonic’s angsty phase… Black Doom and his team of aliens show up on Earth to invade, and Shadow has to decide which side he is on, whilst never really knowing who he is either, since he forgot after falling to Earth at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, and the Shadow we got in Sonic Heroes was a robot. As if aliens invading Earth wasn’t horror enough, when Black Doom transforms into his final form, he looks like something straight out of one of those Sci-Fi/ Horror crossovers. He’s giant, with a black comet as his base, and with gargoyle like features. This winged alien definitely draws some inspiration from the frames of horror movie aliens.

Credit Sonic Team / Sonic Fandom


Bubble gum is lovely. Chew it. Blow it. Squidge it in our sibling’s hair. Lovely stuff. But when it’s being squeezed out of a gigantic lizard in the middle of a space station, it may be worthwhile steering clear. Shadow found out as much when he duked it out with his prototype, Biolizard, on Space Colony Ark at the ending of Sonic Adventure 2. Biolizard is a large, orange monstrous lizard or amphibian strapped up to various feeding tubes, sitting in a constantly flowing area of water. It’s life support machine strapped to it’s back serves as the only weakness on the giant beast. On it’s third phase, it starts to shoot pink bubbles out, which Shadow must bounce on in order to reach the life support system. The Biolizard is a Frankenstein monster. Artificially created life. Something which horror has taught us to be cautious of since the genre first clawed its way out the fiery chasm to hell. The lion-like roars that the monster makes too made the hairs on the back of my neck stand just a little higher up as a child too.

This is all of course not to mention that the Biolizard, once defeated decides to take everything else down with it, fusing to the space station and hurtling toward the planet with the Sonic crew all onboard. It’s up to Super Sonic and Super Shadow to take the monster down in time, a fight with which Shadow appears to pay the ultimate price (but doesn’t really of course).

Credit Sonic Team / Sonic Fandom

Did I miss any character out? Are there any characters from Sonic’s 8bit years which you think deserve a place on this list? Let me know!