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The Darkened Corridor- the mission statement

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Welcome to the Darkened Corridor, a place for you to read about the dark side of life, from the paranormal to true crime.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in the paranormal, and grizzly murders, and this has only been stoked more and more by the dark-renaissance that has been seen on tv, Netflix, and podcasts.

I trained as an investigative journalist in the UK, but I very quickly grew weary of the industry. Upon leaving University with my Master’s degree, I worked in a shop, hoping to find what I wanted to do with my life, before working in a small but very capable marketing agency creating digital content. It’s from here that I decided to leave to focus on creating what I wanted to create, and refocus in on my long standing interest in all things dark.

For the record, I don’t believe in the paranormal, but I’m against outright dismissal without due consideration. I believe in looking at the evidence that is presented, and attempting to see from a bottom-up perspective what I think of a piece of evidence.

In terms of true crime, I’ve got a little experience in working with cold cases from my journalistic days, I hope to share my journey investigating and reporting details from cold case files over the coming few years.

I don’t want to be too rigid with the kinds of content that I’m creating, but you can expect a fairly regular upload schedule full of interesting little nuggets of content!