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The future of the Purge franchise

Many keen on the horror genre will be acutely aware of the Purge films. Beginning in 2013, the original Purge has spawned 3 further installments to date. These films have shown us the eponymous night, in which all crime becomes legal for 12 hours, throughout its life cycle. Purge Election year appears to clock the demise of the Purge, with the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) seemingly being replaced, and more recently the First Purge shows us how it all began in a single district.Since we have seen the beginning and the end, the immediate question is where does the series go next?

Well, there is a literal answer - a TV series due to screen at some point. Going by the limited information available, it would appear that this series predates the First Purge, at least initially. But I don’t see the cinematic universe dying out; it’s far too profitable for that. The original Purge made around $90million worldwide from it’s cinematic release, whilst only costing $3million to make. The series high so far was from Election Year, costing $10million to make, and making a total of $118million worldwide. The First Purge appears to be doing reasonably well so far, so I find it hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be another cinematic release.

So what would it be? There are a few directions that I think the series could take. Below are a few brief ideas that I would like to see or I think are quite likely:

A sequel to Election Year - perhaps all doesn’t go as planned with the election that promised to oust the NFFA. There’s plenty of scope to make several more, much less allegorical films.

Purge Worldwide- The Purge, but elsewhere. There could be an exported Purge night. There could be a Purge hunting trip where Americans can go to impoverished nations to hunt people. Alternatively, there could be a Purge trial in a different nation, to provide a slightly different social context.

The Purger - We follow someone travelling to the US to take part in a Purge. Obviously the view of the person would have to change from a pro-Purger, to an anti-Purger throughout the course of the night, but I still think there’s a really interesting concept here, and the chance to view the Purge from a different angle.

The Purge Diaries - Would be shot in a found footage style, perhaps from the perspective of a video journalist. There would be lots of scope to work based on the revelations in the First Purge.

Whatever happens to the series, the Purge is likely to have at least one more outing outside of the upcoming television series. What direction do you think the franchise could take? Could it expand into other media? Comics? Video Games? Musicals? I’d love to hear thoughts and ideas.