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Things that UFO's definitely aren't

Look up into the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I don’t know, it's unidentified! If you've clocked a UFO in the night sky and want to know who it definitely isn't, then boy do I have a list for you!

A bioluminescent albatross.

If you really want me to believe that there's a bird in the sky that glows, you've got another thing coming pal. What evolutionary benefit could that possibly have? It's nuts! Except, I suppose a bioluminescent bird could communicate with others of it's species over a long distance, like the deep sea dwellers do… How come birds or, everything else for that matter aren't bioluminescent? Now i'm disappointed.

2) A weather balloon.

Get with the programme commies. How could a weather balloon possibly look anything like a UFO! A weather balloon is big, round, in the air, often metallic, whereas UFOs are…

3) Clouds having a rave.

As many of you will already know, clouds having a rave isn't the cause of a UFO. Clouds having a rave is a natural process which we all know is called thunder and lightning. The thunder is when the bass drops.

4) Planes

We've all seen planes right? So how could we possibly not recognise one in the sky! It's clearly all UFO's. Afterall, planes are all leaving chemtrails everywhere aren't they?

5) Hoaxes

What possible reason has anyone got to fake a UFO encounter? What could they possibly gain? I mean no one has ever seen any UFO videos ever. It's all squirreled away by the government before it has chance to go viral on TV and social media. So let's not kid ourselves, there's no reason that anyone would want to fake a UFO sighting.