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Top 3 Monsters washed up beside rivers and on beaches

Beside the calm and peaceful waters, you could be forgiven for feeling safe, and at ease. As the water reflects the light, gently glimmering onto the near surroundings, who knows what else may be in the local area.

For as long as humans have been documenting events, there have been reports of weird creatures washing up on the banks of rivers, and beaches across the world. Perhaps it’s no surprise that some of the more aquatic monsters are met with a degree of perplexity; after all we know so little about the deepest parts of our oceans, what could be down there? The remnants washed up on beaches give us a tantalising glance at a world which we cannot currently comprehend, a world of pitch darkness, and of intense pressure - sort of like the graveyard shift at McDonalds.

Terrestrial looking wash-ups are a different story altogether. I think that there’s an anticipation that we will be able to place something, at least vaguely, that stalks the Earth rather than swims it’s oceans much more easily. As such, the limbed, air breathing, land walking beasts that wash up are much more likely to be met with calls of “Alien” or, “Secret Government research” than the finned and scaled creatures.

Looking at some of the most notable recent examples of wash-up monsters from around the world, can we draw any conclusions, and why are they quite so famous?

Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster is perhaps the most famous wash-ups of them all. Back in 2008, walkers in New York were treated to the corpse of a creature which looked to the untrained eye as an alien. The beast was clearly rather rotten, not particularly large, but bald and monstrous in appearance, with long limbs, and a skull that almost looked like it had a beak.

People may not have looked into the Montauk monster quite so deeply, had the beach not been near a Government Research Facility, Plum Island. Was this creature an escapee, swept out to sea, only to wash up dead on the beach? There were some who believed that to be the case.

Photographs began to circulate quickly. It was printed in newspapers, and posted online. However, the creature itself mysteriously disappeared not long after the photographs were taken. Had the government decided to come and take back what was theirs? Who knows.

Well, everyone, actually. With no samples to test, identification relied on the photographs alone, which hampered progress. Some claimed that the beast was a dog or a sheep, but it lacked the defining characteristics. After much debate, it was decided that the Montauk monster was most likely to actually be a hapless raccoon, which had found itself falling into the ocean - posthumously or otherwise, only to have it’s fur and features worn off before it was pushed back onto land. The poor little guy.


Imagine that you’re taking a pleasant stroll down the beach with the love of your life. You’re chuckling, skipping stones on the beautiful azure waves, playfully splashing each other from the small rock pools. Ahh, wonderful. As you approach a small ridge, you playfully skip over, hand in hand, embracing as you reach the top of the ridge. As you decouple, you turn around the face the beach ahead of you. And then you see it. A huge, gooey mass, larger than you, and looking like a magical spell backfired - badly. What would you do?

I’m of course referring to Blobs - or Globsters as they are more commonly and collectively known. These giant masses wash up on beaches surprisingly often, with the most recent known example being only in 2018. There has long been speculation as to what these gooey forms could be, with answers ranging from parts of colossal squid, to being undiscovered creatures.

Unlike the Montauk Monster, samples were able to be taken for a large number of the globsters which have washed up around the world. Of those which have been identified, a large number were found to be bits of whales, surely one of the only creatures large enough to leave a mass of that size behind. There still though remain specimens which, for one reason or another, have not been identified. Who knows, perhaps the giant squid of legend could be behind some of the gooey lumps washing up on the beaches of the world.

Panama Creature

Alien! Many would have cried back in 2009, when a strange hairless creature was found in Panama, and reportedly beaten to death by a group of teenagers. The bloated corpse of the creature appeared in a now famous photograph, sprawled out over a rock as if sunbathing. It’s long limbs falling off to the side, and with a narrow head, the creature certainly looked very alien.

As with many of these stories, though, the answer turned out to be much more mundane than expected. The creature turned out to be a Brown throated Sloth which had fallen into the water and been decomposing for two days before being found, giving it a weird, alien appearance. The Panama Nature Authority who conducted the necropsy of the Panama Creature eventually laid it to rest.

Whether they’re terrestrial or otherwise, wash-up monsters overwhelmingly end up being something known to science, and their alien appearances only tend to be a result of the effects of the sea. But who knows, perhaps one day soon something truly unknown will wash up on a beach, maybe even one near you!

Did I miss any particularly interesting Wash-Ups? Let me know!