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Top 5 Horrors in Fallout 4

If you thought that a nuclear explosion wasn’t scary enough for you, then Fallout 4 has much more to offer the intrepid horror fan. As I’ve mentioned before on The Darkened Corridor, i’ve been horror modding my game to the maximum, but for the purposes of this list, I'm going to be talking about vanilla elements of the game that were much darker than we expected from the post-apocalyptic settlement-aiding simulator. So, without further ado here are my Top 5 Horror moments in Fallout 4.

Guinea Pigs

When the happy, chirpy, and rather annoying Vault-Tec salesman comes to your door at the start of the game, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the company was friendly and with the best interests of its patrons at hearts. That is, unless you’ve played any other Fallout game, in which case, you know the score.

Yes, Vault-Tec has always been up to some shady stuff, and we find out that the vaults we encounter in Fallout 4 are no exception. Our own Vault 111 was probably the nicest, we just got cryogenically frozen, which is quite nice - I mean people normally have to pay for that in the real world. The worst though is probably Vault 75, where the Gunners set up shop. The story goes that children attending the school which this vault is below were taken inside with their families when the bombs started dropping. Their parents were taken away for ‘orienteering’, or to give it it’s proper name, putting a bullet in their brains. The children were then raised in an attempt to enhance the gene pool. This involved extreme physical and psychological testing which may have been a bit ethically iffy. Nasty stuff.

Where’s the Humanity?

One of the main factions in the game, and one of the main focus of the game are the synths. The synths themselves aren’t particularly horrific, looking like either humans, or like Sonny from I-robot. What is a little spooky though is how adept the game is at making a player question the nature of life and humanity. When you stumble into Nick Valentine, who we see is obviously a synth from day one, it doesn’t put us off forming a bond with him as a character, and perhaps feeling guilty in that playthrough where we help out the institute, much to Nick’s displeasure. As we’re having to constantly make judgements in the main storyline based on how we feel about the Synths, there comes a time when you have to pick a side, Institute, Brotherhood, or Railroad, each presenting a different future for synth kind. Which did you choose on your first playthrough? Let me know!

How Terribly Ghoulish

Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls. The feral ghouls in the vanilla game are probably the most scary in any of the games so far. It’s their sheer speed, their animalistic instinct, and the fact that the full on throw themselves at you when trying to take you down that means that, if you’re caught unawares (looking at you 1 perception people) then they can give you quite the fright.

There’s a really nice selection of feral ghouls roaming the commonwealth too - I mean variety is the spice of life. From the gangrenous ghouls, to the fog ghouls in Far Harbour, there are ghouls to every taste available - literally if you decide to get the cannibal perks.


The name Deathclaw in itself is enough to strike fear into the heart of any wasteland veterans. These enemies are notoriously difficult to take down, or even to escape from. Fallout 4 didn’t piss about though, literally one of the first things you fight in the storyline is a Deathclaw! I thought I'd had bad luck the first time I'd played through, and there just happened to be a Deathclaw prowling around Concord, just as I was helping out Preston “another settlement needs your help” Garvey. But no. It’s scripted that you just have to shoot up a Deathclaw, albeit in power armor and with a minigun, but still.

The other really notable Deathclaw encounter is in the museum of witchcraft, where you get to encounter a savage variant. This beast is probably savage because a load of Gunners have destroyed all but one of its eggs. After killing it, you have the option to take the egg back to it’s nest (which you have to do if you have a heart). It’s a little sad that you killed one of it’s devoted parents, but at least this little guy has a shot at life. Who knows, he might grow up and hunt you down in the future! Awwww.

A Cult Above the Rest

If I mentioned Dunwich Borers LLC, some of you may already know where this is going. In Fallout 3, we were treated to the suitably creepy Dunwich building and the accompanying story about Ug-Qualtoth, concluded during the Point Lookout DLC. The Dunwich Building tale is broadly about a statue below the building which appears to create some supernatural occurrences within the building itself. It’s a similar story in Fallout 4 at Dunwich Borers, a big hole in the ground occupied in part by raiders, and in part by feral ghouls. As we venture down the hole, we read lots of things on terminals about how unsafe the workplace procedures are, and some stuff about a meeting at Station 4. There’s a couple of flashbacks in the building, as well as eerie noises which seem to follow you. We finally see what appears to be a sacrificial ritual taking place in a flashback, before snapping back to reality and gunning down the ghoul versions of all the victims, as well as the ceremony leader. There’s a big well in the middle of the room which, when we dive down into, we can see has a silver statue face with closed eyes at the bottom, as well as a room containing the melee weapon Kremvh’s Tooth. Spooky stuff.

So, there are my Top 5 Fallout 4 horror moments. Did I miss something out? Let me know! @darken_corridor on Twitter.

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