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Top style tips for that summer slasher look

Not beach ready this year? I know that feeling. But no need to fear, you can always dress a little more conservatively. Setting your fashion icon is the key to success, and to find one, you need look no further than your favourite movie slashers!

Torn fabrics are so hot right now

Who wants to go out and buy something and have it in pristine condition anyway? The first lesson to take from our slasher heroes is that intact fabric is not an option. The more worn, the more torn, the better. Show off that bloody flesh beneath, the more undead you are the better!

Consider your blood spatter

Blood spatter is an essential part of your new look. Not just the old, crusty ones, but where you want the new ones to go too. When/if you decide to hunt down some teens in the woods, consider the angle of your machete slash to get the blood in just the right place.

Masks aren’t just for Eyes Wide Shut

When you’re the undead, it’s important to keep that certain mystique about yourself, and that’s exactly what a mask offers. It doesn’t have to be a flash and fancy mask - leave those for the rich kids on halloween, whilst the rest of us are stuck wearing bin bags as capes and Poundshop witch hats. Not that i’m bitter. A mask is a near-essential accessory for the beautiful slasher in you.

Hats can be pretty cool

If Freddy Krueger is your personal style icon - and why wouldn’t he be, he never made any questionable moral choices - than a hat could add that little extra je ne sais quoi to your look. Krueger doesn’t have a monopoly on hats though, the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers also sports a m’lady style hat, which, let’s be honest, does a lot to contribute to the name. If you slipped into your DM’s, he’d probably talk like: “*runs up to you* Hewwo! *blushes nervously* ^_^ *garrots you kawaii style*”. Or perhaps i’m thinking too much into that.

Your weapon is your ultimate accessory

Academics may talk about it as phallic imagery - and it sort of is - but your weapon should be your number 1 accessory to nail the slasher look. Make a feature of it, let it rust, leave the blood on it to congeal, anything to strike fear into the hearts of your teenage prey. Whether it’s a machete, knife hands, or even intricate engineering masterpieces that help victims to kill themselves.

If you’re going for the slasher look this year, I wish you the best of luck. It can be a tricky look to pull off, but if you do it right it’ll be a look to die for.

I hate myself a little bit for that.