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Underwater 2020 horror film trailer, quick thoughts

The trailer for the upcoming horror film Underwater, starting Kristen Stewart dropped yesterday (19th of August 2019). Directed by William Eubank of The Signal (2014) fame, and to be released by Walt Disney Pictures, the film is due to release on the tenth of January 2020.

As a premise, Underwater follows in the long-established “stranded somewhere inhospitable” kind of film, such as Apollo 13 (1995), and Gravity (2013), except our heroes are this time dumped, as the title suggests Underwater.

Our heroes, as I assume them to - perhaps incorrectly - be, are scientists, living inside a laboratory 7 miles down on the bottom of the ocean, when an Earthquake ruptures the metal carapace of their submerged retreat, forcing them to venture out in their funky diving gear to a world entirely new to them, in which they find a predatory species who have a bad case of the munchies.

This film puts me in mind of The Descent (2005). The group of cave divers are similar to the scientists; stranded alone, hunted by a species which has a definite adventure in the setting. I hope there’s more to it than The Descent had to offer, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Underwater boasts some very talented actors, alongside some lesser known. In particular, Kristen Stewart, despite Twilight, still remains a compelling on screen talent, and Vincent Cassel remains a firm favourite of mine since I first saw him in Danny Boyle’s Trance (2013).

All in all, I think that Underwater shows some promise. I hope the monsters are suitably scary enough, and that maybe it will introduce a ‘sabotage’ sub plot, like Jurassic Park (1993) did.

Have a watch of the trailer here, and let me know what you think!