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Was THIS the most TERRIFYING Character in the Batman Arkham game series?

While you’re busy soaring around the skies in Batman Arkham Knight, you may have heard the eerie opera music playing in certain locations across Gotham City. Investigate closer, and what you find may be a little disturbing.

The Batman Arkham series games have always been a little dark, that’s one of the things that make them so good, but there was a definite ramp up when Rocksteady included Professor Pyg as a minor antagonist in the most recent main series game, Arkham Knight.

The Character

PP’s mannerisms are the cherry on a horrific cake. He wears a pig mask and surgical gown when you encounter him in his laboratory. The pig also influences the way he talks, including oinks and squeals. He’s clearly very disturbed which has resulted in him developing an obsession with perfection. And of course there’s the most horrific thing - he likes opera. Ewww.

The Backstory

Pyg, Lazlo Valentine to give him his proper name, was a scientist until he had a schizophrenic episode which led to him becoming insane. You know, schizophrenia, that shortcut word for having to explain that someone is unquestionably evil and bonkers. His obsession with making things perfect came from his parents, simultaneously making him develop a god complex, and Ed Gein like Mommy issues.

After his breakdown, he left science to set up the Circus of the Strange, but this was just a guise to help him create perhaps the most horrific aspect to the character. The Dollotron.


PP’s aim is to make identical, lobotomised Dollotrons which he achieves through invasive surgery, as well as the use of potent drugs, which is pretty horrifying in itself. The Dollotrons then single mindedly obey “Daddy”, as he refers to himself.They have very little reaction to pain, and are extra hard for the caped crusader to incapacitate.

What did you think of Professor Pyg? I remember thinking he was a very strange addition; he hasn’t got the same mass awareness that characters like The Penguin, or Scarecrow have. But when I encountered him in game, in between the thousand hours of driving around in the Batmobile- which starts off fun, but gets old really quickly - I thought he took the series to a darker place that I wasn’t expecting.

Let me know what you thought about Pyg in Arkham Knight!

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