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What Movies are Similar to Texas Chainsaw Massacre? (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is one of the first US Slasher films, and remains amongst the most beloved horror movies in cinema.

If you watched and enjoyed this low budget 70’s Slasher film, here are a few more movies similar to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that you should watch next.

A similar age, a similar theme. Similar in many ways really. And that’s no accident. Whilst the largest chunk of Friday the 13th’s DNA is a copy-paste of the vastly successful Halloween (1978), but there are definite traces of the original US Slasher TCM running through it’s veins too. The Slasher formula of the 70’s was beautifully simple, allowing them to be enjoyed to similar extents and for similar reasons.

Friday the 13th sees a group of camp counsellors repair the isolated cabins of Camp Crystal Lake, when they one by one start to be picked off by an unknown assailant.

Another 70’s classic, The Hills Have Eyes is tonally very similar to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and deals with similar themes. The first film in a franchise that would spawn a sequel, a remake, and a sequel to that remake, the Hills Have Eyes followed the trajectory of many films of the era.

Much like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this film is read as being very allegorical about social and political issues.

As the Carter family travel on vacation, they unwittingly stumble into a family with a certain uneasy hunger about them.

2003’s Wrong Turn captures the feeling of isolation that was portrayed so well in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as having an evil ‘family unit’ as the main antagonist. Much like TCM, it was to spawn multiple sequels, including an upcoming reboot in 2021.

A medical student on his way to a meeting ‘bumps into’ a group of teens with a deliberately deflated tyre. They decide to go get a new tyre in what turns out to be a very bad decision- a Wrong Turn you could say.

Whilst House of 1000 Corpses definitely has a lot of differences from Texas Chainsaw, the 1974 film was a definite influence of director Rob Zombie’s as he put together his debut. The film once again includes a family unit as the antagonist, even if it does add comedy that TCM lacked.

A group of teens stumble upon a roadside attraction like no other. En Route, they pick up a hitchhiker who introduces them to her family.

Whilst not a film, anthology series American Horror Story touched upon something a little Texas Chainsaw like in it’s 6th series, Roanoke. The series has a unique style amongst AHS, but the latter half is where it becomes most like TCM, although with added elements of the supernatural to keep you on your toes.

A reality TV show follows the supposed happenings in Roanoke, but the show soon hits a harsh reality as the stories come to life in the follow-up.

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