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Wish does Ghost Hunting?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Ghost hunting can be a costly business - a quick search through Amazon highlights the problem, with equipment such as night vision cameras and K2 meters carrying hefty price tags.

What options then exist for the budget-conscious ghost hunter? It’s either a case of buying second hand, using old fashioned ‘knock once for yes’ methods or, the more patient ghost hunter (and let’s be honest they by definition most be very bloody patient) could take to our old friend Wish.com.

For those who don’t know, Wish.com is a juicy hotbed for super cheap, rather suspect items which perplex and bemuse the world over. You buy at rock bottom prices, and wait for a huge shipment container full of yours and other cost-savvy shoppers products to ship over from China. This, of course, can take a while, for example, I bought a poster from Wish once, which took about a month to arrive, but that’s part of the deal.

Upon first entering Wish.com, the wannabe ghost hunter is treated to a smorgasbord of equipment with which to communicate with and tantalise the dead. In fact, there are many products which may be recognisable to the casual ghost enthusiast which one may be tempted to buy and try out. Let's take a quick look into the WTFwish for the ghost hunting enthusiasts.

Sounds Spooky

Wish EVP recorder

EVP or electronic voice phenomena has become a staple of the ghost investigation genre. There’s a simple reason for this; it’s instant, spooky sounding, and ambiguous feedback that allows a team to act in direct response to it on the fly. Despite the importance of the EVP to the modern ghost hunter, it is dependent on a very simple bit of kit - a dictaphone. Usually used for recording meetings, or by lazy journalists who never bothered to learn shorthand ( like myself) the dictaphone is a really handy gadget which has found itself into the hands of the ghost hunting community in their attempts to contact the dead.

From my ghost hunting days, I was made aware that not every dictaphone is able to contact the day, but only ones which record on specific frequencies, although I cannot attest to what those frequencies may be ( although I would be very interested to find out). The going rate for the right kind of dictaphone then is hard to determine. However, the general rate for any on Amazon is around £20. Wish.com is able to provide a small saving of around £8 not including postage. But not only that, the Wish dictaphone comes in a fetching rose gold, which is certain to impress any poltergeist or bamboozle any banshee who lays eyes on it.

Connecting the Dots

Wish laser pointer

I remember my parents went to Poundland in our nearest city one day at around Christmas time, and came back with a small, black box. This battery-operated gizmo would fire green laser beams, rather impressively I must say, onto whatever it happened to be pointed at - in our case a large sycamore tree in our garden. What was a cute decoration for the festive period at the time quickly became usurped by ghost hunters.

Indeed, the next time I would see a piece of equipment similar to our garish Christmas trinket, would be deep in the oubliette of a haunted castle. A member of the team produced from their pocket a tiny torch, which he subsequently placed on a sturdy surface, as it fired hundreds of little dots onto the wall. The idea of these little dots is that if a ghost, which are of course famed for their opacity, crosses the line, they would block out a number of the dots with their form.

I’ve seen these simple gadgets go for about £20 on Amazon, but i’m sure they’re much less on various sources in the UK. From Wish though, you can grab one of these for £9, which represents a decent saving if you’re prepared to wait, and risk the quality not being so decent.

The Current Situation

Wish EMF meter

One of the most recognisable pieces of equipment a ghost hunter carries is the EMF meter. This simple gadget is designed to show when there is a strong electromagnetic wave nearby, and has a simple light which flickers from side to side. Whilst there are obvious flaws with this, there are some who believe that ghosts have an electrical field around them, which would, in turn, trigger the EMF meter.

Unfortunately, Wish has a parity on price with Amazon on EMF meters, so perhaps just keep to Amazon for this one ghost hunters!

Trail Mix

wish trail camera

Why would you spend nights at a time standing around waiting for a ghost to show itself up, when you can set a trap up and catch it at any time. That’s what a trail cam offers. Trail cams are motion-activated, meaning that any ghost that happens to be wandering around will cause it to take a photo or video, and provide indisputable evidence that ghosts are real. Or perhaps not. The cheapest trail camera i’ve seen on Amazon was around £45, although I managed to buy one from Aldi for about £30 many years ago. Although, I would have to advise against the particular model that I own, which plays a funky disco beat everytime you turn it on or off. Unless your paranormal investigation is taking place at a club, it’s probably worth giving it a miss.

Wish’s equivalent will set you back a mere £20, around half of the Amazon rate, which is pretty impressive.

The outliers

Wishes tagging and keyword system isn’t always the best, as many frequent browsers will be able to agree with. When I searched for ‘paranormal equipment’ for example, I got shown the following:

wish ghost hunting dog bed

I know animals are supposed to be able to sense ghosts, so perhaps the logic is that providing a comfy bed such as this one means that you are able to keep your four-legged friend in a prime spot for longer, so as to act as an early warning system for a ghost.

wish floor cover ghost hunting

Weirdly, this one kind of makes sense. The soft padding of this carpet provides a surface which a ghost standing on would leave a potential footprint on. Perhaps more ghost hunters need to start investing in these things!

wish moisture detector ghost hunting

This one is beyond me. So apparently this gadget tests the moisture in wood. I’m finding it hard to creatively come up with a way in which this is linked to ghost hunting, so please, if you can - let me know!

The giant grey, trunked, tusked creature in the corner

So, I am of course glossing over slightly the issue of quality. Wish is known for selling things cheaply, not necessarily of the highest quality, and so a small investment could represent a significant risk over buying from somewhere else.

As such, I wanted to make abundantly clear that i’m not endorsing wish.com, much like I didn’t with the horror masks piece I wrote - although some of those were bloody hilarious.

Are there any funny ghost things you’ve seen on wish.com? I’d love to see them!

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