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Would you want to survive a horror film?

So you’ve got away from the deranged killer who’s mercilessly slain your teen pals one by one. How lucky for you. Or is it?

Now, we may all think that the survivors are lucky, but we very rarely get to see what happens next (unless they’re thrust back into the action in the sequel). One notable difference is the Saw films, where, in Saw 3D, we’re treated to a Jigsaw survivors support group. In the films, it seems you either go one of two ways, firstly you survive and your life sucks a bit more because you’re physically and psychologically damaged, or you join up as one of Jigsaw’s million cronies (something which I rant about all too often, like here or in video form here).

If you’re in the former group, as i’d imagine most people are from different film franchises, you have to wonder about whether survival is the best option. Sure, you’re alive, but your chances of being permanently psychologically damaged are huge. PTSD, anxiety, depression could all be the result of your encounter.

And that’s just the psychological impact, combined with the physical damage, it could create the cocktail for a quality of life that no one deserves.

I have no real answer for this question, I wanted to throw it out to you all to see what you think. So, I ask you, would you want to survive a horror film?

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